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Universal Asphalt Strainer

Asphalt Component

Innovative universal design allows for straight-through or 90° piping and filters 3/16″ and larger solid residue in the liquid asphalt flow.

  • 200 gpm / 48 TPH rating
  • Rugged heavy steel wall construction and is hot oil jacketed on two (2) sides
  • 10″ x 14″ high liquid reservoir
  • 12-bolt removable cover with 1″ pipe fitting for user’s manual material thermometer
  • Supplied with 3″, 2 ½ ” or 2″ 4-bolt flanges
  • Steel strainer basket contains 3/16″ strainer holes with a strainer open area of greater than 16 times that of the area of a 3″ pipe with handle for easy removal
  • Designed to resist collapse from slug blocked flows in either direction

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