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Our products consist in Automation, Controls, Control Centers, Conveyor Scales, Metering Components, Depletion Weighpod Controller, Additive Components, Feeder Components and Asphalt Terminal Blending.

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I seek SYSTEMS because I can get the equipment on-site very fast and their pricing is very reasonable compared to other vendors. The biggest benefit I see from working with SYSTEMS is that when I have an unusual process control need, SYSTEMS can resolve quickly and get me the correct components to get the job finished. I have been a dealer with SYSTEMS since around their start. I have SYSTEMS’ equipment out there for over 20 years and it’s still running. They are simply the easiest controls on the market and thus I have benefited by selling quite a few controls as well as control houses. SYSTEMS’ service is top notch. When I have a problem, whomever it may be insures I get an answer in a timely fashion. All of my customers also say your service people are excellent. The best feature is “Simplicity”! The controls simply work. Easy to troubleshoot and parts are readily available.

- Ed Romine • President
- Osweiler Bros Equipment • SYSTEMS Dealer

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