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SEC Agent Enterprise Data Package


All of SYSTEMS’ Windows-based control systems  are capable of logging critical business data. SEC Agent is a small application running in the background, which handles data synchronization of data to a central server.

  • Requirement: ADP-GUI Interface
  • Using an existing network connection, SEC Agent will duplicate ADP-GUI program data to a central server.
  • Data is synchronized at user defined intervals.
  • Central server can be connected to by a nearly unlimited number of agents.
  • Sync take place at the database level – not encumbering program operation.
  • Central server can be customer owned (SQL Server versions 2000 to 2012); other options possible at an additional fee.
  • No special SQL knowledge required – SEC Agent writes and actives the T-SQL commands.
  • Built in server and data protection to minimize impact on network traffic.
  • Data on the central server matches the control program so tools such as reports can be shared.
  • Plant independent from a central server connection. If the connection is non-functional, the plant operates as usual and data is saved until a connection is available.  (A non-intrusive message appears to inform the plant of the existing missing connection.)
PDF Document:   Model ADP-100 SEC Agent Enterprise Data Package