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Our staff prides itself on its knowledge of this industry’s requirements and our ability to deliver a working product – No Excuses!

  • Orrin and Nan Grangaard
  • Pete Grangaard
    Vice President / Inside Sales
  • Fred Axmear
    Loadout Software Engineer
  • Brad Benzing
    Mechanical Fabrication
  • Bruce Benzing
    Mechanical Fabrication
  • Mark Bolduan
    Mechanical Design
  • Dylan Bork
    Loadout Technician
  • William Chacon
    Software Development
  • Gerald Conway
    Electrical/CAD Design
  • Mike Conway
    Blend System Support
  • Mitch Duncklee
    Lead Software Engineer
  • Tina Folsom
    Electronic Assembly
  • Jackie Halverson
  • Bill Halvorson
    Accounts Receivable
  • Gloria Hennessy
    Accounts Payable
  • Jack Lange
    Electronic Assembly
  • Tim Lennon
    Control Systems Support
  • Vickie Winke
    Production/Inventory Control