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Our products consist in Automation, Controls, Control Centers or Control Houses, Conveyor Scales, Metering Components, Depletion Weighpod Controller, Additive Components, Feeder Components and Asphalt Terminal Blending.
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Metering Components


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Designed to update users existing Viking style meter with SYSTEMS standard metering components thereby simplifying the system and allowing SYSTEMS to assume responsibility for the asphalt metering equipment.


  • Allows users existing signal conditioning electronics card to be removed and discarded.
  • Replace users existing meter pickup with SYSTEMS standard meter pickup.
  • Replaces users existing temperature probe with SYSTEMS standard meter pickup.
  • Provides SYSTEMS proprietary Lightning Quick Disconnect protection to the buffered meter and temperature outputs.  All components are provided in a J-box to be mounted near the meter.
  • Includes SYSTEMS AM-TS-A Signal Conditioner.

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