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Conveyor Scales
Remotely Controlled Test Weight


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WB-RCW Remotely Controlled Test Weight Assembly

Convenient remotely controlled test weight for use with SYSTEMS’ conveyor scales saves time and provides accurate, repeatable results.

  • Electric actuator places and removes 100 lb. test weight from bridge assembly.
  • Will not create loadcell damaging impacts or misalign the weighbridge.
  • Provided with limit switches for proving 100% application and 100% removal of test weight.
  • Self-centering with ample clearances.


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WB-RCW-DUAL Remotely-Controlled DUAL Test Weight Assembly

Employs remotely-controlled test weights of two sizes for three loading conditions - A, B, and A+B

  • Tests a wide range of the loadcell signals.
  • Can be used to help prove linearity of the weigh bridge.
  • Safer than manual test weights. No climbing with awkward weights or sliding heavy objects between conveyor frame components.
  • Typically equipped with one 50 lb. weight and one 25 lb. weight (100 lb./50 lb. set may be used where heavier-than-average loads are expected)

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