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Total System Control

TSC Silo Control System
TSC Silo Control System

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TSC Silo Control System

Engineered and constructed to allow simple, safe silo operation.


(Not all of the features listed will apply to all installations. Picture for example only; details will vary.)


  • Silo control expandable from 1 to 12 silos.
  • Audible alarms and alarm silence button.
  • Programmable internal batcher timer or external timer input.
  • Momentary batcher open button allows manual cycling of the batcher independent of the batcher timer.
  • High, mid, and low silo indicator lights. Interlocks to silo gate to prevent material being drawn from a low silo without deliberate use of low silo bypass switch.
  • Momentary silo gate operator. Silo gate actuation interlocked to low air pressure sensor, low silo/bypass interlock and safety gates.
  • Slat and transfer motor control and amperage readings.

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