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Our products consist in Automation, Controls, Control Centers, Conveyor Scales, Metering Components, Depletion Weighpod Controller, Additive Components, Feeder Components and Asphalt Terminal Blending.

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Total System Control

TSC Motors
TSC Motors

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TSC Motors Start/Stop Control System

Complete with master start/stop with separate enable for recycle equipment, safety interlocks, and auto/manual interlock of the baghouse cleaning system to the asphalt inject.


  • Simple Ethernet communication link to any remotely located MCC.
  • Ammeters and zero speed shaft sensors are easily and cost effectively interfaced.
  • A single button two-step master start is included along with a recycle system enable to allow one button hot restarts of all process motors.
  • Customization of buttons and interlocks by user.

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