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Our products consist in Automation, Controls, Control Centers or Control Houses, Conveyor Scales, Metering Components, Depletion Weighpod Controller, Additive Components, Feeder Components and Asphalt Terminal Blending.
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WIN-LC3000 Silo Loadout System (Windows® - Based)

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Designed to accurately control truck loading, print delivery tickets, store delivery data, and print operational reports. Evaluated and Certified by NTEP. Provided with an industrial grade, fanless PC, along with a PLC hardware interface.  Using a PC separately from any process automation provides the user flexibility in the choice of process control components and subsequent system upgrades.

  • Handles virtually an unlimited number of silos.
  • Truck, Customer, Job, Task, Material, Product &  Ticket tables.
  • Simplified data entry.
  • Truck scale systems with Weigh In/Weigh Out capability.
  • Silo inventories displayed in graphical form.
  • NTEP Certified, commercial grade scale weigh indicators.
  • Each silo can utilize an independent remote printer or share a printer.
  • Windows® environment.
  • Database back-up to off-site location via network or Internet.
  • Archive of large ticket formats speed up processing & are readily available.
  • Several optional add-ons available: License plate photo capturing, ticket signature pad, material temperature at time of load, loading traffic light director, custom tickets, custom reports, and more!
  • Optional data transfer to office via Internet (See below).



   Model WIN-LC3000 Silo Loadout System

DOS-Based System to WIN-LC3000 Silo Loadout System Conversion

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Created as a solution to easily upgrade an existing DOS Silo Loadout system to the current Windows(r) Based Silo Loadout System without necessitating the purchase of a whole new system.

  • WIN-LC3000 enables Internet Data Transfer of ticket information from the platn to the office via an email attachment or VPN mapped network drive.
  • Simply remove old PC and plug in new computer. No rewiring required!

   DOS to WIN LC3000 Conversion

Plant Editor Data Transfer Software

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Designed to efficiently allow company accounting departments to electronically transfer ticket information from multiple SYSTEMS’ Model WIN-LC3000 Loadout plant locations to a central computer via the Internet.

  • Central server can be connected to nearly an unlimited number of WIN-LC3000 plant locations.
  • Trucks, materials, customers, jobs, tasks & products may be created and/or edited at the central office location and transmitted to/from the plant locations. Tickets can be transmitted from multiple plant locations to the central server.

   WIN-LC-PLT-EDIT - Plant Editor Data Transfer Software

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