Adams Asphalt Plant Service

Adams Asphalt Plant Service

135 Pheasant Run
Johnson Creek, WI 53038 USA

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P.O. Box 339
Johnson Creek, WI 53038

Adams Asphalt Plant Services, a comprehensive asphalt plant specialist that is a one-stop source for maintenance, repairs, fabrication, plant moves, retrofits, and consulting for asphalt plants. Owner, Jon Adams, is a 20+ year veteran of asphalt plant operations and has worked in virtually every area in the industry, ultimately overseeing the maintenance and production of more than a dozen asphalt plants. He is joined by a team of professionals who have years of hands-on experience. The level of service Adams provides is elevated above others due to its ability to translate its extensive experience and knowledge into real-world solutions that improve plant efficiency and add money to your bottom line.


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  1. Trouble Free Drum Mix Control
  2. Simple Plant Operation
  3. Fast Installation
  4. Minimum Maintenance
  5. Excellent Customer Service