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Improve Accuracy with SYSTEMS Dual Test Weights

SYSTEMS Equipment has launched a new concept in remotely-controlled test weights, improving accuracy by using the full range of the load cell. According to Mitch Duncklee, lead software engineer for SYSTEMS Equipment, operators can now know if the conveyor scale is running ‘as calibrated’ within minutes – not hours. And, he says, they can do this without moving material or involving a loader or truck, making this option safer and more convenient.

“Aggregates are over 90 percent of mix, and test weights can give you confidence you are measuring them accurately,” says Duncklee. “Dual test weights can give you confidence for the whole operating range of a scale.”

Remotely-controlled test weights are operated from the control room and safer than manual test weights. “There’s no climbing with awkward weights; no sliding of heavy objects between conveyor frame components,” says Duncklee.

Dual test weights, comprised of two different-sized weights, allow for three loading conditions - A, B, and A+B. This tests a wide range of the load cell and can be used to help prove linearity of the weigh bridge.

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